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Discovering the Scarrupata Bay

After settling in, guests will be able to take the Bay route which leads to the characteristic pebble beach known as the Scarrupata. Access to this route is via the

path just outside the building entrance.

Upon request, one of our family members will always be available to assist guests along the route.

Car or Bike Rent

Before arrival, guests who so wish can be put in contact by the host with local bike rental services on the island.


Before or during their stay, guests who so wish will be able to experience the wilder side of the island and be put in touch with local tour guides or request excursions to be organzied for them.

Sea Tour

Upon request, the host can organize a boat tour of the island to allow guests to appreciate the beauty of the island's coastline from the sea and indulge in unforgettable swims in coves and bays where the sea is crystal blue.

Sunday lunch

To allow you to take full advantage of a true Ischian experience, we will be honoured to prepare for you an authentic Sunday lunch with typical recipes belonging to our family.


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